Eric Termuende

"Gareth is someone who is in this line of work for all the right reasons. He cares deeply about people, has more education and learning than I've experienced, and wants to make the world a better place. I'd recommend Gareth to anyone who is looking to become a better communicator, leader, or interested in becoming more aware of their values and what to do with them."

Eric Termuende
Co-founder, NoW Innovations and International Speaker


"Hosting a Vision Board session with Gareth was one of my best decisions this year! He created an open environment that invited each of us to truly connect with ourselves and envision a future that would honour the core focus of our beings. I was energized by this ritual of self-reflection and have drawn on that strength ever since to help me cultivate a life of integrity and focus."

Megan Thatcher
Construction Manager, Production Canada

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