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Calgarian Hal Kerbes Embodies the Spirit of Christmas

Once upon a time many years ago at the age of five, I awoke on Christmas morning to find the proof I has been looking for that Santa Claus did indeed exist. Excitedly my Father took me outside to show me the track marks Santa’s sleigh had left on our roof, so the one thing I know for sure is that Santa Claus, the many names he goes by and the spirit of generosity he represents is very real.

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As Elsa, Sara Me. Helps People Clear Their Snowstorms

At its heart, Disney’s Frozen is the story of two sisters, and so it’s not surprising that YYC Princess co-owner and actress Sara Me. often plays the Elsa to Caitlynne Medrek’s Anna. As Medrek comments “I have a best friend - my business partner, who is the Elsa to my Anna, who I love like a sister.”

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Caitlynne Medrek: Actress, Director, Entrepreneur and Princess

When you first meet Caitlynne Medrek the two things you notice immediately are her passion for storytelling and the strong positivity she exudes. Actress, Director, Entrepreneur and Princess are just a few of the chapters of Medrek’s story in a career that has featured some defining highlights.

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