In every story I have heard, good teachers share one trait: a strong sense of personal identity infuses their work" - Parker J. Palmer

How do we leave our mark on the world in a way that enriches the lives of others?

I’ve had the opportunity in my career to empower others' learning through teaching and facilitation, the development of workshops, experiential learning, leadership and mentorship programs, and through organizing both local and national conferences. In calling on these experiences, years of developing curriculum and learning outcomes and using my knowledge of learning styles and multi-generational learner characteristics, I’m interested in continuing this work with SPARK, through different workshops including:

CliftonStrengths Workshops: Offered in many different versions, these workshops can focus on individual exploration, or on the development of corporate, non-profit, community or board teams. Through learning their CliftonStrengths “Top 5” participants will have a chance to focus on what makes them stand out how to use their talents within the different areas of their lives.

Vision Board Workshops: Based on future focused reflection, a Vision Board workshop engages participants in creating clarity around their goals. By choosing meaningful images and affixing them to a display they see daily, participants learn to focus their mind on what they want to have, experience or achieve and to take action in the direction of their goals.

World Café Discussions: Based on the concept of asking powerful questions and engaging participants in dialogue, a World Café is a fantastic way to brainstorm, and go into a particular topic or questions in depth, and to have one or several different conversations. Set-up like a café this activity is designed to meaningfully engage several different learning styles simultaneously.

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