At its heart, Disney’s Frozen is the story of two sisters, and so it’s not surprising that YYC Princess co-owner and actress Sara Me. often plays the Elsa to Caitlynne Medrek’s Anna. As Medrek comments “I have a best friend - my business partner, who is the Elsa to my Anna, who I love like a sister.” Me. echoes these comments and notes how Frozen is art that imitates life in that the friendship she and her older sister share didn’t develop until their adult life.

At the same time, Frozen is a story about a young woman learning who she is, overcoming insecurities and embracing the gifts that make her unique. In the movie this transformation begins for Elsa as she sings Let It Go, and this moment shook Me. to the core. “I cried when I watched it” Me. comments. “I know it’s a story and a movie but for me it became an anthem to stop trying to be someone you aren’t, and to stop living by the rules of others.” It’s these same themes that have made Let It Go such an anthem of acceptance and love for so many communities.

Like so many of us, Me. has grappled with her own mental health, and performing has long been a creative outlet that has allowed her to live her passion, be inspired and to make an impact in the lives of others. As Elsa, and in the many stage roles she has held, including Arista in StoryBook Theatre’s (SBT) production of The Little Mermaid, Belle in SBT’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and The Lady in the Lake in Front Row Centre’s production of Monty Python’s Spamalot, this impact is felt by both the audience and her castmates. As an actress Me. can effortlessly go back and forth between playing comedic and dramatic roles, and as Belle, her beautiful soprano voice singing Home was a showstopper. As Kiel Fredrickson, the Beast to Me.’s Belle comments “Sara was incredible to play opposite to in Beauty and the Beast. Her passion for her craft is palpable in all of her work, and her Belle was the kind of complex, fully-realized character that actors crave to work with.”

Part of what drives Me. to follow her passions is knowing everything she does is always bigger than herself. As she comments “I may be having a rough day mentally and have a dark cloud above me, and then dress up as Elsa, and realize the little girls and boys don’t look at me the way I’m looking at myself. They see Elsa singing Let It Go in their living room and I think about how this moment is for them, and how this moment can influence and create change for them. That maybe one day when they feel how I’m feeling, they know they are brave and strong because the princesses or queen looked them in the eye and saw that bravery in them. Because it’s there. We all have it.”

As Me. says “Elsa at the end of the movie is my life goal.” And what is Me.’s SPARK? “The ripple effect,” she comments. “My spark is about helping and encouraging people and helping them find the tools and skills inside to clear the snowstorms in their own kingdoms.”